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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

raja majaa :)

After a looong time got a chance to feel that happiness again when Akash gave the
news that schools will be closed starting from 23rd to 2nd October. :)

Yes I'm back to school, but only for one day in a week. I teach Hindi (rather learning Hindi with the kids) for 7th class. It happens every Saturday for 1 or 2 hours (duration depends on the kids capacity to bear their 'Hindi Miss'). The experience is soooo good. First I thought it will be difficult to make time every Saturday but once you start, the time manages for itself. As in my case, i started and started liking it and now I cann't miss it. Suddenly I have started feeling good about myself feel a sense of responsibility when the kids call me miss :)

So, for sure the kids will be busy enjoying their vacation... and their Hindi miss is really going to miss them for 2 Saturdays :(... let me plan something, I'm in the mood of vacation ;)

Wish me happy holidays...

Friday, September 01, 2006

First experience at teaching

My first day at the school was pretty confusing & also extremely memorable.. I didnt know what to expect, and I guess the kids were finding my Kannada funny (I dont speak very good Kannada :p)

But once I started teaching them the English alphabet, the kids were so keen to have me teach them that even those whom Akash was teaching (those of them who were familiar with A-B-C) started pretending that they dont know the A-B-C.. :)

Most of the children were extremely concerned about me. So, they got me a chair to sit on, and then when I sat on the floor, they kept warning me that i was not sitting on the mat and my clothes may get dirty!! I guess this is what touches the heart......

When I go now, they still find my Kannada funny, but I guess now they understand better what Im trying to say and its fun teaching. These are the best two hours of my week.. :)