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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Chalghatta 4th standard assesment

The following is the assesment for kannada and maths ( addition ) of 4th standard class chalgatta school. One poem in kannada was given to read and students were assessed based on their reading speed, word formation, fluency in kannada. Some students were not even able to frame words using kannada letters. The condition of few students is really bad, need to do lot of effort to improve thier kannada reading skills.

Maths (only addition) was assessed. Some students dont even know how to place commas for numbers. Some dont know units, tens, hundreds etc place. Addition without carry is done by almost all. Addition with carry some students had problems. But almost all students could not identify ten thousand and lakh numbers. Here is the assessment details. Next week will try to assess subtraction, multiplication, division and give final assessment of maths.

Name, Kannada assessment, Maths ( addition and general number concept)

Venkatesh A A
Vijay A A

Martin Luther B A
Swati B B

Vijayalakshmi C A
Triveni C B
Priyanka C C

Gopal D B
Manjunath D C
Deepika D C
Bagya D C
Preethi D D

A. Very Good.
B. Good.
C. Average.
D. Poor.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Chalghata 3rd std assesment

The school continues to surprise me.

Narendra (new volunteer), Madhu & me landed to find the 5th, 6th & 7th occupied by teachers. So, we decided to check out the 3rd & 4th who sit in the same classroom taught by teacher X (Vandana/Muktha).

Initially Kannada assesment was done (read a para from their textbook) followed by Math assesment (addition & subtraction). The kids seemed to be surprisingly good in maths. The small class strength helps.

Name Kannada Math-add Math Subtract

Priyashakthi M G G
Dhanalakshmi M G G
Mary G G G
Suma M G G
Ajith B G ND
Joseph G M ND
Venkatesh B G ND

G - Good
M - Medium
B - Bad
ND - Test not done

Madhu looked at Kannada, while I looked at Math. Math was more of oral addition & subtraction, followed by paper problems. Didn't have much of carry etc.

Two Bad's in Kannada is a concern. Math skills seem to be good, need to test more. And this was the BIG surprise, the kids both 3rd & 4th seem to be real good with maths.

Narendra to update on his assesment of the 4th std.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

English B5

Most of the kids in the school are learning words by rote. When told to read, they guess the words instead of reading them. Except for Chetan who puts in some effort into really reading the words, all the others find it difficult. One possible cause is that these kids dont know the small case alphabet.

Also, Madhu is very restless and seems totally uninterested in learning or questioning about anything at all. :(

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Eng c4 Bellur

Bellur school, following kids in 4th std are bad at English alphabets - can't write -

- Vidya
- Lingaraju
- Suhaas

Shud teach them b4 schools close.


Monday, February 12, 2007

First computer lesson for Std 7th

"Just give us one week, and we will know computers" This was the sentiment in the 1.5 hours computer session I had for 5 students from the 7th standard.

Selecting the 5 students was a task in itself. Almost everyone wanted to go and try using the computer. :-) So we promised the remaining kids that we'd have a session for 5 kids each every week. That pacified them for a few mins.

Moved the 5 kids to the HMs room, and spent a lot of time trying to start up the computer. Finally two engineers got this one computer working!!!

I started with a brief description of the terminology of the computer - CPU / Monitor / Mouse / Keyboard. And then showed them how to open Paint and then let them paint. The purpose was to accustom them to using the mouse - both pointing and clicking. The paintings took different hues and different shapes - circles looked like eggs and the sun had rays going till the roots of the trees :-)

Could give two chances to each kid to use the computer and still the session went on for over 1.5 hrs! Would like to provide more time to each child in the coming few sessions. Would also like to go to some level of computer internals such as RAM, hard disk, motherboard - atleast teach them the terminology.

At the end of the session, they didnt want to leave the computer. And their words were "Just give us one week...."